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Cait's Christian Preschool Curriculum

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Cait's Christian Preschool Curriculum

Having difficulty finding a "Christian-Based" Preschool Curriculum at an affordable price? Cait's Curriculum has the solution! Whether your younger ones are begging to 'do school' with the older ones at the table or you're just wanting to get a jump start on their education, Cait's Christian Preschool Curriculum touches absolutely every aspect of a Preschool Education and is very appropriate for children ages 2-5 years.

With over 800 teaching ideas, this CD-ROM comes packed with:

  • Over 400 sit down Worksheets
  • 41 Projects
  • 80 Activities and Ideas
  • 20 Games
  • 22 Devotional/Character Studies
  • 46 Song ideas
  • 51 Animal Studies
Suggested Reading, Poetry, Teaching Aids, Cooking & More!
Christian Preschool Curriculum

Just $69.95 each
That's less than $3/per workbook on the CD
[Includes Volumes I&II combined. ~You save $10]

You may also purchase volumes I & II separately for $39.95 each.  Click here for details.

Why buy consumables year after year? Each workbook is completely printable so each student can have their own worksheets for one price! Cait's preschool curriculum is perfect for your Christian Preschool or Christian homeschool.

Preschool Curriculum | Over 1300 + Preschool Printables

Preschool Curriculum | Over 1300 + Preschool 
	  PrintablesWith more than 1300+ printable pages, Cait's Christian Preschool Curriculum covers alphabet & phonics, shapes, colors, handwriting, science, motor skills, transportation & safety, matching & opposites, Bible Adventure, manners for little ones, Christian character, step-by-step life skills and more! Included is our fantastic Bonus Pac offering Beginning Preschool Spanish and Clock-Time Encounter.

Special Features to Enhance Your Preschool Lesson

Cait offers an affordable, creative preschool curriculum. With special features like "Around the House, Audio Visual Enhancement, Recommended Reading, and a Virtual Safari" you'll find this preschool curriculum resource CD-ROM to be an invaluable asset to your Christian Preschool or Homeschool.

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